This course is well structured and will have you speaking fluently in no time!

Awesome benefits of the Shona for Beginners Course:

  • Great foundation on Phoenics

    Shona is a very simple language once you get a good grasp of foundation of phoenics and word structuring. It is a 'Say it as it is!' language and hence it is always a good idea to start building at the foundation!

  • Competent Pronunciation

    You will not only learn to read and use common phrases used everyday but you will also be encouraged to pronounce properly. You will be speaking like a Shona! After all, what use is having words in your head but have no one understanding what you are saying!

  • Culture

    Behind the Shona language is a people and a country rich in culture. This can sometimes go unappreciated when communication is not from an indigenous writer. This course offers a little taste of Zimbabwe and will leave you wanting to explore more!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Mhoroi- Hi

  • 3

    Manzwi matsva- Phoenics

    • Manzwi matsva/Phoenics A-N

    • Manzwi matsva/Phoenics- p-z

    • manzwi matsva- vocabulary a-z

  • 4

    Tsika- Etiquette

    • Unhu- etiquette

    • Mivhunzo ( Ari kupi, ari kuitei)-Questions (Where, what)

    • Zvitaurwa 2- Common Phrases

  • 5

    Mhuri/ Family

    • Mazita emhuri/ Names of family members

    • Sekuru naambuya/ Grandfather and grandmother

    • Vana vari kutamba/ The children are playing

    • Amai nababa/ Mother and father

  • 6

    Chikafu/ common phrases

    • Chikafu- Food

    • Kutsanangudza chikafu- Describing food

    • Midziyo yemuKicheni- Kitchen Utensils

  • 7

    Manzwi matsva-Vocabulary

    • Kuverenga-Numbers

    • Mumba- Rooms in the home

  • 8

    Karenda- Calendar

    • Mwedzi-Months

    • Rwumbo rwemwedzi- Song on months

    • Rwumbo rwemwedzi-Fadzai

    • Mazuva evhiki- Days of the weeek

  • 9

    Kumira kwekunze/Weather

    • Kumira kwekunze/ Weather

    • Zvakasikwa- Natural Elements

    • Mwaka wegore- Seasons of the year

  • 10

    Manzwi matsva- Phoenics

    • Manzwi matsva/ Phoenics mb, ch, nz, ngw

    • Manzwi matsva- Phoenics mbw, nzw, tsw, ng, dh

    • manzwi matsva/ phoenics/ bw, vh, sv, ts, rw

  • 11

    Mhuka- Animals

    • Mhuka -Animals (1)

    • Mhuka Part 2- Animals Part 2

    • Zvipfuwo- domestic and farm animals

  • 12

    Zvimwe zvitaurwa- Common Phrases

    • Zvokuita- Hobbies

    • Zvitaurwa- Common phrases

  • 13

    Manzwi matsva- Vocabulary

    • Nhumbi- Clothes

    • Muviri- Body parts

  • 14

    Different scenarios

    • Chipatara- Hospital scene

    • Ndinonzi Tendai- My name is Tendai.

  • 15

    Mbasera- Bonuses

    • Kubika sadza- Cooking sadza

    • mombe- cattle

    • Huku- Chicken

    • Kutaura kweslang- Street talk

  • 16

    Mazvita!- Thank you!

    • Before you go...

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